January 26, 2011

Yarn Along

Reading: the no-cry sleep solution for toddlers and preschoolers. Knitting: a clapotis out of sock yarn.

Now I have to say these are not colors I would pick for myself in a yarn but it was on clearance at Jo-ann Fabrics for a ridiculous price of $1.99 a skein. So I bought all four that were left. Hmmm what to do with some very ummmm... dramatic sock yarn? Well here you have it. I am thinking it might make a nice gift for someone who likes red and black.
On to the book. I checked this book out from the local library because my daughter has NEVER been a good sleeper. We are doing much better lately, in part because of this book and in part because she is much more settled in since we moved in November. Lately, though, she has been getting up ridiculously early (anyone else up at 4:45 this morning???) and it is kind of cramping my style. Sure I am not a morning person but I can handle 5:30, even 5:00 AM. But 4:45 holy moly! I think it started because she wanted to be up when my husband is up in the morning, but even he doesn't want to get out of bed before 5. In all seriousness, however, I am starting to get concerned that she is not getting enough sleep again since she is going to bed between 7 and 7:30 PM and only takes an average of a 1 and a half hour nap during the day. Anyway, I am open to any suggestions from anyone else who may have had this problem with their kids.
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Carol said...

Much as I hate to say it, 7 PM until almost 5 is almost 10 hours and with a nap, isn't that close to what you expect a 3-4 year old to sleep? Not sure how old your daughter is.

That being said, I was so glad when my son could recognize numbers. He was told he couldn't get up until after 7 - but we neglected to say 7 was to be the first number. The first day it was 5:27. LOL

All I can suggest is to knit while you try not to wake up with her.

My yarn along link is http://blog.mymummyknits.com/yarn-along-6/

Lady of the Lakes said...

5:27 too funny! I have been considering bringing my knitting into the bedroom lately but it seems to bug her when I knit for some reason... Maybe it is enough sleep for her, it just seems that some days she is really tired for most of the day except right when she wakes up and right after her nap. She is almost 2 (22 months) and my first child so maybe I have been reading too many books to try and make up for lack of experience. Most of them say a child this age needs about 13 hours of sleep total in a day. Hmm maybe I am just obsessing too much, I have a tendency to do that. ;)

Beth said...

Oh honey... I remember the days! Try to lengthen her naps during the day and/or put her to bed later in the evening. Make her bath time/bedtime story a bit later each night and she may sleep in a bit longer. Good luck sweetheart!

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

I think the yarn is lovely! I like the red. In fact, I'm only just getting through some more of the Yarn Along because I was writing and writing and writing about red in my kitchen! lol! No advice on your little one and sleep unfortunately, my daughter was (and still is!) the opposite. I still freak out and think she might have died in there since she's been asleep for so very long!