January 28, 2011

FO Friday

Many of these are not really recent FO's. Sorry for this but I really want to document them somewhere other than Ravelry so that people who aren't on there can see them too. :)
First up we have some longies that I completed a couple months ago for a friend who bought the (scrumptious!) yarn and sent it to me to knit for her beautiful little girl. The first pic was taken right after I completed them... on our 9+ hour drive back to MI. The actual color is somewhere in between the two pictures.

Next we have 1 of 3 of these cute little beret's I made. All from sock yarn (less than a 400yd skein for anyone interested) and super easy quick knits. I made the largest size which was toddler. The pattern is here.
Next up, although not a knitting project, is one which I am very proud of. This is a child size doll carrier, similar to an adult Mei Tai (sp?) baby carrier. I am proud because a) I made up the pattern and b) I sewed it with no help and c) it actually came out pretty cute and my sewing wasn't as awful as I feared it would be either!

I do have a picture of my daughter wearing it (it was a Christmas gift for her cousin) somewhere but they are all blurry... want to see it anyway? Ok hang on...
And finally we have the 2 other beret's I recently finished (this one just this week, it was a birthday present for her cousin. If you are reading this Jen, don't let Dags see (: ). I loved the way this yarn knit up and was happy I had enough left from my sisters ankle socks to make the hat. Used every last scrap!
I originally made my mom some socks from this yarn, then made my niece a tiny pair but ran out on the second little sock so I bought another skein. Now it has been reincarnated into this hat and I still have at least 1/3 of the skein left (maybe 1/2?) so I am thinking of knitting some fingerless mitts or little socks for Bella Bear. Isn't she sweet? :)


Jonathan Hoaglund said...

I am very impressed with how far your crafting abilities have come! Bravo sis!

And Belle is adorable as ever!!!

Lady of the Lakes said...

Thanks little bro!