January 31, 2011

In Color

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I have been feeling the winter greys lately too. The time of year has come where the snow begins to make me feel weary instead of cozy. I am tired of donning multiple layers of winter clothes and jackets, tired of being inside so much, and tired of the monotony of white and grey and black when we do suit up and venture outside. So these are some of the little spots of color in my home which make me smile. Oh, and I am a cloth diaper geek. ;)
Visit Ginny for more colorful inspiration.


Ginny said...

Oh my goodness look at your stash!!
Thanks for sharing these photos!

Lady of the Lakes said...

Thanks! :) Not sure if you mean the yarn/fiber or diapers but in either case I have a confession. That isn't all of it! Although most of the yarn that isn't shown is stuff that was given to me that I am not sure what to do with (red red cotton blend? Dark green acrylic/poly chenille-ish stuff? a bunch of sagey green and white scratchy old nylon fingering weight? What do I do with these? practice I guess, or find someone that wants it.) Although, most of the diapers that fit my big little not-quite-two-year-old are in this picture. I have a bunch more prefolds that don't get used, about 20 kushies all in ones (toddler sized) that are just way to bulky to fit under winter clothes, and all the diapers I had from when she was little. It's an addiction. Ok enough rambling, I am just procrastinating because I really don't feel like cleaning the bathroom while my daughter is sleeping.

house full of jays said...

What an impressive yarn stash! You should open up shop ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your fiber stash! Great post :)