August 29, 2008

First ultrasound picture

We went for an early confirmation of pregnancy appointment today and we got to see the baby's heartbeat! It was both exciting and a little odd at the same time. It seems strange sometimes to think that there is another person inside of me, especially when I can't see any signs of it on the outside. I was thinking about posting the picture, but, well it is pretty unremarkable. He or she is still so small and even in the office it looked kind of like a white blob with that amazing little flickering heartbeat. In the meantime I have yet to get my hands on some sea bands to combat this nausea so I can be more productive at work. Hopefully this weekend we will get some. In the meantime I am trying to eat at least every hour to two hours and getting up early in the morning and eating cheese and crackers, still drinking ginger ale as well. I hope I can make up for not eating so well when this all day sickness goes away.

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Benedicamus said...

I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations. The sickness usually does get better- and things get generally more exciting as the pregnancy goes on. I remember throwing up in an airport restroom and thinking "This is the pits..." But now, I know it was all worth it!
Will pray for you and your family...