January 6, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Well, I do have some knitting Works In Progress but no good pic's so I will post some spinning instead this week. I just got my new spinning wheel at the end of November and have been trying to scratch out some time here and there to learn and play with it. I spun a bit of Corriedale wool at first before I really could sit down and seriously start learning and it was lovely! I still love my spindles but, oh my! The wheel is so much faster and more relaxing. :) So here are all my current spinning projects:

First we have my spinning wheel project, 7 oz of Humbug BFL
Soft and lovely to spin, here is a closeup of the singles on the bobbinNext are my spindling projects, the first is some merino bamboo blend I got from Fat Cat Knits a looong time ago that I have been plugging away at, aiming for laceweight two ply so I can make an Ice Queen

The next is the Corriedale I have been spinning on my spindle but also tried a little on the wheel. These are slated to become some striped longies or maybe just pants, who knows by the time I am done with them how old miss Belle will be.
Well that is it for my spinning, I really need to take stock of my knitting and get it under control soon, my UFO (unfinished object) list is starting to get ridiculously long. Maybe I should start trying to finish one a month or something...


Jen @ Happy LIttle Homemaker said...

Wow. The ice queen looks super complicated. I'll stil to scrapbooking & papercrafting! Let me know if/when you get your etsy store up & I'll promote it.

Lady of the Lakes said...

Yeah that project seems daunting to me too! I have never knit something that complicated before. That is partly why I want to knit it, to learn something new and improve my skills. I am sure it will be full of mistakes but hey, I won't improve if I don't try. Hopefully after the move and we get settled in I can start the etsy thing. I might just start with custom orders for wool diaper covers in order to make some initial money then branch out into selling hand spun/hand dyed yarn and spinning supplies. By the way I just got A Mothers Rule of Life in the mail today and started reading it during Belle's evening nap. SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!!! I have been needing something like this for a long time!