January 9, 2010

Book Study -Mothers Rule of Life- Week 2

This week is all about Prayer. Daily prayer is something I usually strive for but I never sat down and thought about it in such a way that I would actually schedule it into my day. I have been doing this for the last several days now and it really helps! I scheduled 3 prayer times, morning offering (when I first get up, after showering), afternoon spiritual reading/reflection (varies according to the litttle one's naptime), and evening (post bathtime family Rosary). When I was pregnant with DD I used to pray every day upon rising and every night before bed and I am realizing how much I not only miss it, but actually need it to be the kind of person I want to be (and God wants me to be) throughout the day. I also find myself saying other little prayers and raising my heart and mind to God more often during the day when I do this. This reminds me of a series of posts over at Conversion Diary all about prayer and having hard stops throughout the day. Jen over at Happy Little Homemaker has also posted a link to a Mothers Liturgy of the Hours. Pretty neat! I haven't done anything else yet as far as making a schedule for other areas of my life although I have read the next chapter. With all honesty I really think that will have to wait till after we move and get settled since life is pretty focused on getting packed and ready for next Friday when we get the moving truck. Maybe not, I will keep reading, but things are pretty chaotic around here lately.


Pam said...

THANK you for sharing your spiritual journey! I recently discovered your site, and as a fellow catholic, am Blessed to be able to relate with you on many levels! In appreciation, I've left a gift for you at my blog. Peace!

Lady of the Lakes said...

Thank you for finding me :)