October 21, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Well, I dont have any good pic's to post this time for my Works In Progress Wednesday but I will tell you about them anyway. I am still plugging (slowly) away on my mom's scarf and I keep thinking I want to make one for myself, that artyarn's silk is scrumptious! There is a yellow/green baby hat that has been plaguing me forever and is slowly getting close to being done. Note to self: no more fingering weight merino on my #4 size Knitpicks harmony interchangable needles, too sticky and frustrating! Then there is a big pink garter stitch bulky Alpaca/wool cowl for me and a pair of 2 at a time socks on #2 circ needles that I have just barely started. A pink hat for Bella that she has been wearing despite the fact I have not put ties on the earflaps yet. And in the spinning department I am working on some red, green, and tan colored Corriedale yarn. I am making some of it with the colors in solid stripes and some of it with the three colors plied together in various combinations to coordinate. I hope to make Isabelle a pair of cute Christmasy longies out of it. And finally in the planning stages are: a pair of longies for Isabelle out of some SoHo thick and thin yarn, slippers for Christmas presents and, scarves, socks and hats for Christmas presents. What are you working on right now?


Jen @ Happy LIttle Homemaker said...

working on Christmas presents, flannel pantyliners, hemming leggings, crocheted washcloths and hemming about 10 pr of Bones's pants. They have all been paused for several months. I think I need to start again. If you decide to bump up your blogging, you could probably get a carnival going :).

Lady of the Lakes said...

Hmm that might be an interesting idea! I don't know if I will have time to commit to it regularly though. Maybe once I am home full time I can do something like that, if Bella allows it of course. :)