May 12, 2009

In no particular order

I am going to start posting things I am learning as I go about being a mom. They will be, as the title of this post says, in no particular order.

Last night it dawned on me, after a conversation with my husband, that motherhood is going to take much more planning than I originally thought. Actually I should say more than I ever conceived because I never really thought about it. I figured it was as simple as: 1) have baby 2)love baby (and feed, clothe, diaper, etc.) 3)put baby down for a nap 4) clean house while baby is sleeping and/or happily entertained by a hanging mobile/toy bar. Enter reality. This baby needs my (or someones) full and undivided attention most of the day and when she does nap chances are I am so tired from getting up in the middle of the night and attending to her that I probably need one too.

So lesson number one: plan your day and keep a fairly consistent routine (i.e. bedtime which has not been consistent for us... I will let you know how that goes...) Then if things get off track you at least had a plan so you can say "look how well my day was supposed to go!" :) But seriously, I hope by planning my day to be less frustrated at the end of it when I look back and go: "where did all that time go and oh my gosh I didnt get anything done." Which ties in nicely with my next post which will be about setting SMALLER goals.


Jen S said...

This is not a time to be super mom :). For at least 4 months, all I did was wash & dry clothes (they lived in the laundry basket), made lots of convenience dinners (or Al did), and loaded the dishwasher (and pulled clean ones out when we needed them. That's IT! I chose to not fight DD and didn't get to do chores while dagny napped until 1 year old...and if she is sick or teething, it STILL doesn't happen.

I wasn't able to really do normal chores on a regular basis until she could sit up & was content to play by herself for awhile...maybe 4-6 mos? I guess what I'm saying is that it's ok to let housework go. Hard when you are like me but no one but you expects a spotless house with a new one. She's only that small once and needs you more than the hair behind the toilet does. Call me anytime, even if you just need to vent or ask if something I'd normal!

Love ya!


Lady of the Lakes said...

Thanks Jen,
It helps to know I am not the only one who has experienced this. Your comment about her only being this small once really helped me put things in perspective too. I feel like I am not getting ANYTHING done but I suppose as long as I continue to meet all her needs that is all that really needs to get done. It's nice to get a shower and a meal now and then though. I think it has been harder because Rob has been completely consumed with school the last couple weeks and he can't really help much. But that will change soon enough I suppose.