March 29, 2009

She's here and a week old already!

Isabelle was born March 22nd at 2:24 AM after a very long labor. I was induced a month early for preeclampsia and we have been so blessed that she is doing very very well! It took me, on the other hand, a little more time to recover although hopefully I will start to regain some energy soon.


Kate said...

Congratulations! Did she have much hospital time? I think that having a baby in the NICU is harder on the mom than the baby, and that's without pre-eclampsia. Rest and let people pamper you!

Lady of the Lakes said...

We actually were able to take her home with us, she has done so well! She didn't need to be in the NICU at all. We did have an issue with weight loss after we got home and had to syringe feed her between nursing for a few days. We go to the pediatrician again today to have her weighed and for a checkup and I hope she is starting to gain some weight.