January 5, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

My husband absolutely LOVES this movie. We have watched it every Christmas since we were married and a few before that. For some reason it never really took hold of me the way it has a hold on him. Sure I would cry at the end when George is returned to his family, and I could appreciate the message of the movie in a simple way, but I didn't really understand his passion for this movie in particular. I think I do now and I am a bit sorry to say I am one of those who was troubled by this movie in the past. I never could quite believe that everything would be alright in the end. I wasn't raised in an environment that promoted the belief that it is a "Wonderful Life". I suppose I was raised a cynic, such a sad thing really since children are naturally quite optimistic. I am even a bit like George Bailey, I always had dreams of becoming a doctor, or a scientist, or someone famous, but I will never be those things. I am not sorry because of it but something in me still hangs on to that hunger for... I don't even know what. Even writing those words was a little difficult for me. I will never be those things. I am a George Bailey, although not nearly as good a person as him, and struggling with my own demons. This article has really given me some things to chew on and I think we may be watching a few more Frank Capra movies in the future. Thanks to Danielle Bean for the link!

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