November 13, 2007

It's been a long time.

It has been a long time since I have posted. It has also been a long time that I have been waiting to take RCIA. While I can't promise I will be posting very regularly any time soon, (mostly from lack of writing inspiration) I will be starting RCIA in January and I can't wait. Even the sobering, and somewhat scary, idea of my first confession is but a minor obstacle to my enthusiasm. Meanwhile I would love any book recommendations to help prepare me to become Catholic.


Jennifer F. said...

Congratulations! It also took me forever to get into RCIA.

My first confession was such a wonderful (if intense) experience. I wrote about it here if you're interested. I think you'll be amazed at how good you feel afterwards.

Jennifer F. said...

Oops! I accidentally submitted the comment before I was finished (long day). Some books I highly recommend are:

- Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton
- He Leadeth Me by Fr. Walter Ciszek
- Journey to Easter by Pope Benedict
- Really anything at all by G.K. Chesterton, Pope Benedict, Scott Hahn, or Peter Kreeft.

Here's a PDF of recommended reading that I put together for my RCIA class if you're interested.

OK, I'll stop rambling in your combox now. Best of luck on your journey, and you'll be in my prayers!

Lady of the Lakes said...

Thanks so much for the great book ideas. I think after this week (thanksgiving and all) I will have to order some of those and get started. :)

Adoro te Devote said...

I recommend, if your church has one, going to pray or read in the Adoration Chapel. If your church doesn't have one, you can also, if it's unlocked, sit near the tabernacle and pray in the silence.

Time with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament will do more than reading books.


Since I'm a geek....I second the list above (although I haven't read all of them)...and ask YOU...what, exactly, are you looking for?

"Catholicism" is a HUGE topic. So you may want to spend time reading about those things that either scare you the most (Such as the Sacrament of Confession), or things you question the most, etc.

That would take care of maybe the intellectual side of things.

But if you're not spiritually prepared..well, the stuff to read depends on what you like. You could read about the lives of the Saints, and maybe some of their writings, if you're ready.

I do recommend Father Thomas Dubay's "Prayer Primer" before you get too deep into the Saint's actual writings.

You could also pick up a subscription to "Magnificat", or just buy one every month at a Catholic store if there's one near you. I know of several in the metro area here, but not everone is so fortunate!

Can you offer any more clarifiction as to what you want to know about Catholicism, so maybe we can more properly guide you?

God bless!

Lady of the Lakes said...

Well, hmmm.... I am not really sure where to start to tell you the truth, which is probably the reason I haven't read anything yet. I am very interested in G.K. Chesterton but haven't read anything by him yet. I also think some reading about the sacrament of confession would probably help me. I think the list you two have given me will be a good place to start, now I just have to order some books... or find a library near us. Thank you so much for the reccomendations! :)

kris said...

I HIGHLY recommend ANYTHING by Bishop Fulton Sheen!!! He has many cd/dvd's you can listen to/watch as well. He is wise yet completely down to earth! I have learned more from him in the past 3 years than I did in the 12 years of Catholic education I received! God bless you on your journey!!! - Kris