September 3, 2007


Well things here have settled down and settled in for the most part. The move is done, school and work started for my husband and I, and I am starting to get back into blogging. In my perusal of other blogs I came across this post which led me to another post. These posts really struck a chord with me. I don't make friends easily and have a hard time keeping up with the ones I have. Until I read these posts I thought it was just because I was a bad friend. I thought that other people must somehow be able to connect better and have better "social skills" than me. Then, after reading these posts, I started to think about my friendships (or lack thereof) present and past. I realized that most of the people I have been friends with don't share many (if any) things in common with me (or I with them, however one looks at it). So maybe my problem isn't that I have bad social skills or am a terrible friend, simply that I haven't found that commonality with another person, aside from my husband, that fosters good friendships. In many ways the last couple years have been enormously trans-formative for me spiritually and intellectually and I hope that carries over into the way I relate and connect to people. Perhaps soon I will be able to find and cultivate the kinds of friends that are true, unforced, and enduring.

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