April 27, 2011

Got Cloth?

I LOVE cloth diapers. It borders on insanity really. I mean, they are made to be receptacles of human waste after all. The thing is they are just so cute on or off a baby, they are so soft and fluffy, and they are so much cheaper than disposable diapers. What's not to love? Anyway, if you like cloth diapers Kissaluvs (makers of my favorite newborn fitted diapers, at least the ones I have tried so far) is having a giveaway! I have been coveting their new OS Marvels fitteds and covers for this new baby but haven't made any purchases yet. So bring on the giveaways!
Isn't that a cute diaper?! (picture is from Kissaluvs website)


Anonymous said...

Not sure if it was you or alisha I asked before about an estimate on how much "start-up" costs would be for switching to cloth diapers? And they all have the inserts that you wash that go in the snap covers, right?

Kerry Hoaglund said...

That is an adorable diaper!!! :D

Lady of the Lakes said...

As far as start up costs go, you could be completely set for as little as about $250 (for "old fashioned" cloth diapers with pins and a waterproof cover) or upwards of $500 for newer "All In One" or "Pocket" style diapers. Keep in mind that is the TOTAL cost of diapering a baby from birth to potty training. If you buy the fuzzibunz type (these are the pocket diapers) they usually come with the inserts you need, buying a few extra is a good idea though to double up for naps/night time. I have a mix of all kinds of diapers. I actually really came to like the old fashioned kind that you pin (or you can use a new fangled doohickey called a snappi which works really well) as Belle got older because they were the easiest to clean. Toddler poo is not so much fun. There are lots of diaper sites you can buy them from. Kellyscloset.com is one I have used and http://clothdiaperclearance.com is one I have heard good things about.