March 31, 2011

Well there you have it.

See the ticker? :) So my good reasons for not posting boil down to nausea, exhaustion, and more nausea. At just over 12 weeks I am starting to get some energy back but the nausea is still hanging on strong. I debated posting this sooner but.... having had a miscarriage in the past, the idea of telling the world only to have to "untell" does not appeal to me. I even thought of waiting till I hit the 20 week mark to post about it. See, I also tend toward being superstitious. It's a remnant of my pre-conversion days for sure but I had a hard time shaking the feeling of "jinxing" this pregnancy by telling people. And then you read so many stories of women who have had miscarriages at 9, 14, 20, or even later weeks in pregnancy. It just scares me to read things like that even though our first pregnancy (and miscarriage) ended at 6 weeks... very early and possibly even a "chemical" pregnancy (whatever that means. Does anyone know?) Anyway, I anticipate being a more active blogger again when the constant feeling of 'I am going to throw up, RIGHT NOW' gets better.

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