February 9, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for another yarn along this week and this time she is hosting a giveaway as well! Go check out the yummy yarn that is up for grabs.
Still working on the teddy bear, as you can see. I am a little perturbed with myself because when I was knitting the leg on the right I didn't pay attention and added an extra knit row which should have been a K2tog around row... so that leg is one row longer and pointy-er than the other leg. I have to go rip it out and re-do it but don't feel like it at the moment, maybe I will go read instead. Still working on The Discipline Book as well, plus reading a little out of The Joy In Loving. It is kind of a perpetual calendar sort of book with each day of the year having its own page and a quote of hers. I really like it. Today's quote was "Once you know you have hurt someone be the first to say sorry. We cannot forgive unless we know that we need forgiveness, and forgiveness is the beginning of love." I am also reading a couple books I have read over again but maybe more on those another time.

1 comment:

suzy said...

It's so frustrating to have to rip out rows! The teddy bear pattern is gorgeous though. It'll be well worth it in the end.