July 28, 2007

To Post or not to Post.... Part II

OK so I know I was going to post my conversion story (I am working on it, I swear!) but I was just perusing some of the blogs on my blog roll when I came across a link to this article over at kris thinks... Naturally I had to stop and think, does this mean I am a narcissist? Am I over sharing details of my personal life on the Internet? Perhaps I should think about taking down that post on NFP? Well, at least for the moment, I am leaving it up because, on the whole, I enjoy reading about other peoples lives via blogs. It is good to read another person's point of view and I find other people's life experiences fascinating, even the mundane ones. Maybe that makes me weird but I really think it causes me to look at my own life differently. Blogs have helped me to be thankful for all of the blessings in my life and have shown me that I am not alone in my life circumstances. So for what it is worth in this vast landscape of technology, I will still post my story, well, maybe the edited version. ;)

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Jennifer F. said...

Naturally I had to stop and think, does this mean I am a narcissist?

Personally, I think that the key question there is: what is the goal of the site?

There are probably people who use blogs for narcissistic purposes, but their goal is just to get as many hits, flattering comments, etc. as possible. They're not really trying to grow or help others by sharing their story.

I know that reading the blogs of other Catholic moms and women (who talk about themselves) has really helped me grow in my faith.

Can't wait to read your story!