April 9, 2007

On Easter and Conversion

This Easter was the first time I have ever had an inkling of what Easter really means and hopefully the last one I will be unable to fully participate in. I hope to be enrolling in RCIA this year. I say hope because my husband is planning on transferring schools, which would mean a move for us in August and I have no idea when these things start. I tried to enroll in RCIA at the church we currently attend last November but it was too late in the year and they said to come back next summer. In the meantime I have been doing a little reading on my own ("Catholicism for Dummies" was very informational, especially regarding the whole church hierarchy and whatnot.) and plan on doing some more. I have always loved reading and it is perhaps unsurprising that this whole spiritual journey started with a book I read early last summer ("50 Questions on the Natural Law- What it is and Why We Need It"). It was a required summer reading for my husband's first year of law school. I don't know why I picked it up or why it interested me (heaven knows nothing else he has to read does), but somehow it did and when I read it, the book very subtly changed something in me. Somehow so many things I had wondered about all my life were explained in a perfectly logical and compelling way. It was the beginning of a journey out of darkness. The path is long and winding and sometimes I go so slowly it seems I am standing still, but something is changed in me and I feel I will never be the same again.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Nice little blog here; I'm flattered to be on your blogroll. Keep it up!

From where are you coming to Catholicism?

Lady of the Lakes said...

I was raised, well, nothing actually. My parents had me baptized Methodist and that was the beginning and end of my parental education as far as Christianity goes (well not quite but almost). We did attend a Native American church sporadically while I was young but that was quite different from any church experience most people can relate to. My father, in particular, was not a fan of "organized religion". As a teenager I did attend a non-denominational youth group with some of my friends from school. I certainly learned more about Christianity but, I will admit, I mostly went for the social aspect. I was actually really first introduced to Cathloicism by my husband and his family, even though he is what you would call a "non-practicing" Catholic. We had a Catholic wedding, albeit sans communion, and precana classes. God certainly works in mysterious ways!

Chris said...

I hope everything works out for you to be in RCIA this year.

Thanks for adding the Catholic Converts blog to your blog roll. The blogs linked there are full of resources and inspiration. If you want to be added to the CC blogroll, just let me know.

Lady of the Lakes said...

Thanks Chris! ;)